Saturday, April 05, 2014

New in haul

 ♥ I love love love this turquoise blazer, I bought it from flea market for 5 euros! 

♥ Butterfly summer dress from flea market for 4 euros 

 ♥ Dress from flea market for 4 euros

 ♥ White shorts from flea market for 2 euros

 ♥ Black flats from flea for 2 euros. 
My lovely cat came to see what I was doing, which never happens when it includes a camera.

 ♥ Crop top from H&M 

 ♥ Chain necklace from H&M 

♥ Spike earrings from H&M (on sale for 1 euro)

♥ Eye necklace from Cubus 

 ♥ Sunnies from Gina Tricot 


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Outfit - tartan skirt / Cool kids never have the time


Beanie - Local 
Faux leather jacket - H&M 
Knit - H&M 
Tartan skirt - 2nd hand 
 Creepers - Ebay

Hello luvs! Here's an outfit I've been wanting to wear. Oh the lack of outfits, I really want to wear all the nice things I have but damn you weather, it's really springy here but still pretty cold for more springy clothes.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pictures From Lately

  ♥ My room & dungarees 

  ♥ Women's day flowers 

  ♥ My cat

  ♥ Finally got some of my photographs done! I did something nice with these, I'll show you later.

  ♥ Pancake...

♥ Tasted this cider for the first time. Sometimes when I visit a bigger city close to us I buy new ciders to taste, as my town doesn't usually have anything special. I didn't really enjoy this one, it wasn't that bad but I can't say that it would had been good eather. There was another brand that I tasted too, but it really was bad. I quess I shouldn't have a heart on this one, haha.

♥ Still into books, plus a dvd. Linda Watson - Vogue Fashion, Rain Mitchell - Head Over Heels, Grégoire Delacourt -  La Liste de Mes Envies. The dvd is Les Fugitifs, I hope it's funny. 

♥ Sunny mornings. 

© Pictures by me, do not copy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OOTD / Springy shorts  

Cardigan - Gina Tricot 
Blouse - H&M (old) 
Bag - Old 
Shorts - DIY 
Leather belt - 2nd hand 
Shoes - Fire Fly  

Hello luvs! It really feels and looks like spring here, right now the wind is blowing really hard and it was difficult not to get my hair all messed up while taking photos. Not complaining though! We also have sunshine for as long as it lasts, if the news are correct we will go back to -15 this weekend!! It's going to be so cold my toes freeze even by thinking about it, haha. 

But anyways, this is my outfit today (jacket etc not pictured) and I am loving this combo. :) 
What do you guys think? Are you already in spring mood? 


Friday, February 28, 2014

Outfit / Dungarees & biker jacket


Beanie - Local
Stripe shirt - Gina Tricot 
Dungarees - New Look (new)
Biker Jacket - H&M 
Ring - H&M 
Shoes - Fire Fly    


Hello luvs! I received these acid wash dungarees few days ago from New Look (the delivery was really quick, if someone is thinking about ordering something!) and I think these are pretty awesome. At first I got a little freaked out as I thought that these were too small, but luckily you can adjust the lenght of the straps. 
Sooo many ideas with this...  It feels like spring is really arriving.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!

Friday, February 21, 2014

February Want List


1. Short dungarees, New Look (HERE) 
2. White & Black stripe crop top, Juicy Couture (HERE
3. Sunnies, Nasty Gal (HERE) 
4. Sandals, TopShop 
5. Sunnies, Asos (HERE
6. Nike running shoes 
7. Pink nail polish, River Island (HERE)  
8. Black leather belt, Mango 

Hello luvs! Here's my small want list for February.
1.  I've been loving short dungarees for probably a year or two, and have been feeling disappointed that I do not own a pair. I would had seriously woren it all day and all night long! 

2. Next comes the lovely stripe crop top, it has classic colors and it looks good with pretty much everything.
3. As what comes to sunglasses and jewelry, I'm bad with that stuff. I don't buy them often as I'm picky and have no idea how to put things together. The problem with sunnies is also the fact that I wear eyeglasses all the time because I can't see much without them, so that means I have to have both of them with me. 

4. Then comes the sandals. I found these via Polyvore and noticed that these were sold out, but I wanted to put them here anyways, because I like them and I only have one pair of actual sandals. And the other pair of them is broken from the lock.

6. Aand then the Nike shoes. These have been trending for quite a long time (wearing them with your normal clothes) but I'm looking for new training shoes. I've started to run again and try to get myself more fit, and I have to make the horrible confession that my current running shoes are old. Old. Maybe like five years or so.

7. And when it comes to girls, or at least to me, I love nail polishes. This is pretty similar to what I bought for myself on my birthday, the color was so lovely that I had to get it even though it was pretty expensive for my taste. 

 8. Last but definitely not the least, black leather belt. I've needed a one for so long! I don't buy real fur coats, but if something is high-quality, like a belt that is made in Finland of real leather, I would rather buy it that a polyester crap belt from H&M. This could rise opinion among people who don't use real leather etc, but I do know about these things, I was partly vegetarian for many many years. I still would say that it's better to buy something that will last for years with good care, rather than a product that will cause a lot of crap to our planet, from the beginning to the end. I would not buy leather belts, jackets or maybe a sheep hide, unless it was made in Finland. Made in China creeps me out. I only have one pair of real leather high-heels, which I bougt from flea market. This actually made me think what would I do if I found nice shoes from normal shop and they were made of leather. I quess again that depends on where they have been made in.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014



Today's my 20th birthday :)  Not much to say about this actually, got a few cards and a day off from work... I'll probably just go and by something delicious to eat and drink.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pictures From Lately


 Loving my new orange nail polish (lumene natural code - 12 electic orange). Anyone else excited for bright spring colors? 


Making some clothing plans... 

 ♥ Old roses

Polaroid pictures... 

Winter socks

I've started to read again, so library it is. Not that there isn't books on my bookshelf that I haven't read...

Looking for inspiration... 

Finnish book (Sari Järn - Annan sulle ruusutarhan). It's about female behaviour etc. I loved it. 

 Warming up.

Hello luvs. Here are some pictures I've taken here and there. It really seems like I have fallen in love with my leo blanket, which I got as a Christmas present from my Mom.  Like you may see, I have spent time with clothes and very much time on thinking about them (I don't believe I am the only one making plans on what to wear with what? It's pretty fun!) There will be some actual outfit posts later on.


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Outfit - Levi's

 Necklace - Cubus 
Knit - H&M 
Levi's 501 - Second hand 
Backpack - New Look  


Here are my Levi's 501 jeans of which I gave a "sneak peak" on my previous post. I bought them with 3 euros and I got the altered for me, which cost 20 euros. (These were size 32, so waay too big for me) I noticed while being on line that some are asking over 30 euros of these! 
It's nice to finally own a good quality pair of jeans.

I really like this outfit, it made me feel really good. It is quite simple but the necklace and backpack make it a bit more special. :)